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OfficialSurfCharts-logo1 Official Surf Charts: 12th September 2021 -

Every week, the Official Surf Charts are syndicated to reporting stations from - the network for surf music.  

This is the #officialsurfcharts for week ending 12th September 2021.


We have observed a lot of bands screenshotting their chart position and sharing that instead of the article and Official Surf Charts image.  Sharing a screenshot does nothing to improve your chart position, help your sales, listens, profile views or improve the chart position of others.  Share the article containing the backlinks and the original image.  Offenders will be liable to investigation by the Surf Police.

The Official Top 10 Surf Singles Chart (new releases) 

  1. Riptide - Magnatech
  2. Beer Beach - Echo Sector
  3. Botany View - Martin Cilia
  4. Stolen Dance - The Tourmaliners
  5. K-39 - The Surf Raiders
  6. The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald - The Breakers
  7. Bond Girl - Little Kahuna
  8. Movin' - Jason Janik
  9. Payne's Praire - Black Valley Moon
  10. City Under The Sea - Jim and the Sea Dragons

The Official Top 10 Surf Singles Chart is based on requests of newly released tracks.  Visit your favourite surf station /requests and search and request your favourites.  Requests are typically played within 10 minutes.  

The Official Top 10 Most Popular Surf Albums

  1. 1961 - The Evanstones
  2. Raiders of the Lost Surf - The Surf Raiders
  3. Hang Zen - The Surf Hermits
  4. Amateurs - Les Agamemnonz
  5. Torch Light - The Breakers
  6. Little Kahuna - Little Kahuna
  7. Mermaid a Go Go - The Neptunas
  8. Hella California - The Young Barons
  9. Don't Blink - The Eyeberries
  10. The Baleful Sounds of Black Valley Moon Vol. 1 - Black Valley Moon

The Official Top 10 Most Popular Surf Albums is based on requests and listener interaction with album profiles.

The Official Top 10 Most Popular Surf Bands

  1. Jason Janik
  2. Cheap Violent Cats
  3. Genki Genki Panic
  4. Martin Cilia
  5. Mark Malibu and the Wasagas
  6. Araras Negras
  7. Surf Monster
  8. Los Dedos
  9. Secret Agent
  10. Big Mick and The Curl

The Official Top 10 Most Popular Surf Bands is based on requests and listener interaction with band profiles.

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