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Official_Surf_Charts_copy-2 Official Surf Charts: 12th June 2022 -

Every week, the Official Surf Charts are syndicated to reporting stations from - the network for surf music.  
This is the #officialsurfcharts for week ending 12th June 2022


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The Official Top 10 Surf Singles Chart (new releases) 

  1. The Contest - Los Daytonas
  2. Heat Wave - The Surf Hermits
  3. The Secret Surf - The MES
  4. Carthaginian Sky - Magnatech
  5. Beach Moles - Underwater Bosses
  6. First Warning - The ChuGuysters
  7. Hip Shake Go Go Baby - Mark Malibu and the Wasagas
  8. Necrocannibal - Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday 13th
  9. Astro Turf War - Fierce Shook
  10. March of the Crabs - Los Dedos

The Official Top 10 Surf Singles Chart is based on requests of newly released tracks.  Visit your favourite surf station /requests and search and request your favourites.  Requests are typically played within 10 minutes.  

The Official Top 10 Most Popular Surf Albums

  1. Troublemaker - Los Daytonas
  2. They Like To Watch Everything You Do - The MES
  3. Showdown - The Surf Hermits
  4. Invitation To Danger - Son Of Ugly
  5. Cosmos - Zvezda
  6. The Night Divides The Ride - Underwater Bosses
  7. Sea Sea Rider - Various Artists
  8. First Warning - The ChuGuysters
  9. Strange Shores - The Breakers 
  10. The Flawless Ms Drake -  Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited

The Official Top 10 Most Popular Surf Albums is based on requests and listener interaction with album profiles.

Top 10 Most Viewed Bands (Last Week)

  1. The Breakers
  2. Marshall and The Martins
  3. The Evanstones
  4. Dr. Tritón
  5. Jason Janik
  6. Mark Malibu and the Wasagas
  7. Surf Monster
  8. Surfer Boy
  9. Kioea


The Official Top 10 Most Popular Surf Bands

  1. Chewbacca's
  2. Surf Monster
  3. The Terrorsurfs
  4. Bali Lamas
  5. Genki Genki Panic
  6. Black Valley Moon
  7. Del Sotos
  8. The Evanstones
  9. The Young Barons
  10. The Jagaloons

The Official Top 10 Most Popular Surf Bands is based on requests and listener interaction with a band's DripFeed Page.

The Official Top 10 Most Viewed Videos


  1. Los Daytonas - The Contest
  2. BAT SHIT CRAZY - The Terrorsurfs
  3. Magnatech - (Marie's the name of) His latest flame
  4. The Breakers - Tornado Magnet
  5. BLUE HOTEL - Stamatis Stabos
  6. Drop In Drop Down - Pitted
  7. The Desolate Coast: "The Punk Stole My Raffle Ticket" Music Video
  8. The Breakers - Rotation
  9. Chewbacca's - Codebreaker Seventy Eight (by Man or Astro Man?)
  10. The Surf Hermits - Drag Racing the Atom Cats


The Official Top 10 Most Viewed Videos is based on complete views of a video uploaded to a DripFeed Page (not a member profile).


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If your music is suitable and has correct metadata we will enter it into the Surf Music Registry which enables it for position on the Official Surf Charts.  Plays on spotify or airplay on non-reporting stations do not count towards chart position. 

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