If you use Facebook or VK to login DripFeed will ask for permissions from the facebook API to use your profile name and profile photo. It doesn't take any other data because we are super concerned about privacy.

A DripFeed user Profile is analogous to a Facebook User profile ie it is for individuals, not bands. A DripFeed user profile can be a band member or a stage name. It can not be a band name (because that will conflict with a DripFeed Page name).

If you are a band here are some cool things you can do on DripFeed.

  1. Create a DripFeed Page - https://dripfeed.net/pages/create.html

  2. Add videos to your DripFeed Page by importing from YouTube etc. Be careful to follow the categorisation rules, eg official music videos, album art videos, live shows etc. This is to ensure that videos show up in the Official Surf Charts correctly.

  3. Submit Music - https://dripfeed.net/submit-music.html There are two ways of doing this. Submit a Bandcamp Code, or upload mp3s via DripBox. mp3s should be 128kbps or higher (no wavs) and should be correctly labelled Band Name - Track Title, and have correct metadata. No metadata, no airplay! Can I just send you music by email? Not really. I am mobility impaired and have nerve damage in my fingertips. Anything submitted via DripFeed goes directly to the server without me having to download, upload etc. It saves me a ton of work, and although I do listen to everything before broadcast, I want to listen on platform using automation as much as possible.

  4. Broadcast your message! DripFeed rules the world of internet radio, and this is just one of the reasons why. User generated content! Click this button on the right hand side of the screen to open the microphone and record a message to network listeners / your fans. This message can be a) anything, or b) artist drop - eg "this is band member from SURF BAND, and you are listening to (Surf Rock Radio the world's number 1 surf music station), (Surf Music Radio the world's number 2 surf music station), (Monstromental the world's number 3 surf music station).

  5. Tell your fans to request a track on their favourite station eg
    http://www.surfrockradio.com/requests, https://dripfeed.net/listen.html etc. Fans don't need to register to request tracks. {Please note we have some restrictions on requesting artists over and over from the same ip address).

  6. Be interviewed by a robot - https://dripfeed.net/surf-band-robo-interview.html
    You may get an error message at the end of page 6, or even a 500 error. It's ok, the interview is saved in the database. We will publish these interviews at a later date.

  7. Buy an advert for your releases - https://dripfeed.net/advertise.html. Obviously running a platform like this costs a bit of money, and we are donation supported. You can buy an advert for only 10 USD per month. Bargain.

  8. Broadcast a radio show! https://dripfeed.net/host-a-radio-show-with-dripfeed.html

  9. Add your gigs to the event calendar on your dripFeed page (not profile), then share them all over different social networks.