Missing the sound of black vinyl? Looking for unique coloured vinyl? DripFeed is now offering vinyl production to surf bands.  If you haven't done it before, vinyl production is very complicated.  Let us help you avoid the potential problems as we accompany you every step of your way to making a major label quality, retail ready vinyl LP.  

All production steps are conducted in our manufacturing plant. We help you produce a spectacular analogue media product at reasonable cost.


Record pressing for 7" & 12" inch records with printing and packaging.  


  • 12” Single: RPM 45, max playing time per side 14.5min
  • 12” Long-Playing (LP): RPM 33-1/3, max playing time per side 19.5min

We provide black or coloured vinyl, standard weight (140g, 150g and 180g)

  • Labels: generic white or black labels or CMYK offset printed labels (500)
  • Covers: generic white or black sleeves, 2 holes, no spine, no inner sleeve needed. Custom (500) CMYK offset printed discomix sleeves or LP jackets, UV-coated or matt varnished, gatefold LP jackets with 1 or 2 pockets, inserts etc.
  • Shrinkwrapping available
  • 7” Single: RPM 45, max playing time per side 5min
  • 7” Extended – Playing (EP): RPM 33-1/3, max playing time per side 6.5min

We provide black or colored vinyl, standard weight (about 42g)

  • Labels: generic white or black labels or CMYK offset printed labels (500)
  • Covers: generic white sleeves, 2 holes, no spine. Custom CMYK offset printed sleeves (minimum 500), UV-coated or matt varnished.
  • Shrinkwrapping available
  • 140g or 180g weight black vinyl record
  • Full-color high-resolution A & B side labels
  • White paper inner sleeves
  • Full-color, custom digitally printed 12" vinyl jackets w/spine
  • Printed on 300 GSM board stock
  • Printed using green friendly ink
  • Digital PDF proofs via email
  • Free barcode (optional)
  • Clear overwrap
  • Standard turnaround 8 - 16 weeks *
  • No sales tax or hidden fees :)
  • Test pressings available


s a great option for indie artists on a budget who want a high-quality, classic 12" vinyl record pressing package fast! The limited options allow us to quickly manufacture these 100 or 200 qty packages using a special pipeline that up until now has not been available. This package is a great way to get your feet wet in the vinyl arena without breaking the bank. It's perfect for limited releases and special fan club albums.

If you need more options such as colored vinyl and higher quantities, please see our other vinyl package


How Should I Prep My Graphics?

  • Use our templates only and follow the listed specifications
  • All artwork should be 300 dpi or higher
  • All artwork should be CMYK
  • Artwork templates should be on their own layers
  • Embed or outline all fonts

What Is The Maximum Playtime?

  • 12” VINYL MAXIMUM TIME: 23 minutes per side 33 1/3 rpm
  • Best quality - up to 18 minutes per side
  • OK quality - 18-21 minutes per side
  • Less quality - 21-23 minutes per side

If your album is under 15 min per side we recommend manufacturing at 45 rpm for maximum sound quality.

What Audio Format Should I Submit My Audio As?

Uncompressed audio formats are preferred (WAV, AIFF, AIF) 16bit or 24bit.

Do I Need My Audio Mastered For Vinyl?

Our price already includes prepping your audio, DMM and stampers.

However, this does not include a proper mastering session specifically for vinyl, which many projects may benefit from. Vinyl records differ from CDs greatly with their reduced frequency response and susceptibility to playback issues because of too much bass and/or high end (treble). Please read our mixing recommendations below.

What Are Your Mixing Recommendations?

  • Keep your bass frequencies centered (Kick, bass, low synths)
  • High frequencies such as Hi-Hats, cymbals and vocal sibilance should be controlled and not too bright.
  • Vocal should be properly de-essed.



Here are some packaging templates for your design. Nevertheless, we also provide white sleeves and jackets upon request. There is other packaging available. Please name your desired packaging and discuss with our people at 

7inch disc is usually inserted into a U-bag, then a glued pocket, open in one side, which is then be shrink-wrapped.

12inch disc may consist of one more layers of packaging. It is usually first inserted into a U-bag and sleeve (either with or without hole to show the vinyl label), and then be put into an outer jacket or a gatefold with shrink-wrapping. Gatefold jacket is opened like a birthday card which then provides you with 2 more printing surfaces. Lyrics or download card can be printed and inserted into the jacket upon request.



In order to smooth out the production process of your vinyl disc, please check with the below requirements before you place an order.

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 500pc black or colored records
  • Product: Regular weight, 7" and 12" vinyls
  • Labels: black & white or colored labels
  • Sleeves: Regular white or printed sleeves
  • Jackets: Full color standard jacket
  • Shrink-wrapping: Included in the price
  • Boxes: Double boxing for 12-15 records into inner box, and 2 inner cartons into export carton for safety transportation
  • Barcode & Catalogue number: It is provided by the customer if necessary
  • For audio, we accept .wav or .aif files, depths: 16, 24 or 32 bit, sampling rates: 44,100Hz or 48,000 Hz, preferably in uploaded files.
  • For artwork, we accept .pdf, .ai, .psd and .eps, with resolution of 300 DPI, outlined. Files must be in CMYK or Grayscale.
  • We can accept master supplying in CDR, DAT, LACQUER, MASTER, MOTHER and STAMPER.
  • Capacity music time: Please refer to the  The quality can be altered above that.
  • Mastering: Our vinyl mastering is to be done in Europe.
  • Copyrights: We need a copyright authorization letter or notice statement from the relevant copyright society.
  • Delivery: Master slides and dubplates are to be sent to us within one week once order confirmation. When pressing, the final delivery of the finished records should be in 35 days after receiving all the necessary materials.
  • Conditions of payment: The payment shall be made within 7 days of receipt of invoice by bank transfer without deduction. We reserve the right to charge payment in advance for new customers. The goods remain our property until full payment. Bank details will advise after order confirmation.