Host a radio station with DripFeed is an all-in-one web radio management suite, social network and integrated webstore. Using DripFeed a station operator can start a fully working internet radio station within just a few minutes.

DripFeed suits internet radio stations of all types and sizes, and runs on a Virtual Private Server.

  • Rich Media Management: Upload songs, edit metadata, preview songs and organize music into folders from your browser.
  • Playlists: Add music to standard-rotation playlists (in sequential or shuffled playback order) or schedule a playlist to play at a scheduled time, or once per x songs/minutes/etc.
  • Live DJs: Set up individual DJ/streamer accounts and see who's currently streaming from your station's profile page.
  • Web DJ: Broadcast live directly from your browser, with no extra software needed, with DripFeed's built-in Web DJ tool.
  • Public Pages: DripFeed includes embeddable public pages that you can integrate into your existing web page or use as the basis for your own customized player.
  • Listener Requests: Let your listeners request specific songs from your playlists, both via an API and a simple public-facing listener page.
  • Remote Relays: Broadcast your radio signal (including live DJs) to any remote server running Icecast or SHOUTcast.
  • Web Hooks: Integrate your station with Slack, Discord, TuneIn, Twitter and more by setting up web hooks that connect to third-party services.
  • Detailed Analytics and Reports: Keep track of every aspect of your station's listeners over time. View reports of each song's impact on your listener count. You can also generate a report that's compatible with SoundExchange for US web radio royalties.
  • Reporting to the Official Surf Charts:  DripFeed stations are inherently reporting stations and eligible to syndicate the Official Surf Charts
  • Storage Location Management: Station media, live recordings and backups can be stored localy or on an S3 compatible storage provider.
  • Affordable storage: Mainstream internet radio providers charge a lot for cloud storage.  DripFeed offers much more at an affordable monthly price.



Great for hobbycasting.


  • 2GB Auto DJ Storage
  • 10GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 100 Listener Slots
  • 128kb/s Broadcast Quality
  • TransferAssist
  • SSL Secure Streaming

Great for medium broadcasters.


  • 5GB Auto DJ Storage
  • 20GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 300 Listener Slots
  • 320kb/s Broadcast Quality
  • TransferAssist
  • SSL Secure Streaming

Ideal for pro broadcasting.


  • 20GB Auto DJ Storage
  • Unlimited Monthly Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Listener Slots
  • 320kb/s Broadcast Quality
  • TransferAssist
  • SSL Secure Streaming


Included in all plans:

Unlike other companies, we don't charge the world for extra services. See what's included in all of our plans below.

  • Customisable HTML5 Player?
  • Choice of Control Panels?
  • Assistance with File Transfer
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Handy Marketing Tips
  • Reliable Infrastructure
  • DDOS Protection
  • Helpful Analytics?
  • Outstanding Customer Support