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Chillingsworth Surfingham
Released 2021
Format CD
Added on Sunday, 31 July 2022
Genre Surf Music
Price 11.00 $
Number of discs 1
Edition date 2021
Country USA


Something imaginary has come to life.
Chillingsworth Surfingham is a stuffed bear and the alter
ego of John Ashfield, an elementary school music teacher
and leader of the San Francisco indie pop staple, The
Bobbleheads. Inspirationally, Chillingsworth was imagined
to be cool for school. He shows the kids how to rock and
roll, but with child-like wonder. While there’s nothing adult
about Chillingsworth, it’s adult music, offering the perfect blend of power pop and 60's style surf music.


released September 17, 2021

Chillingsworth plays guitar, bass and everything not drums,
with Percy Surfingham ( Rob Jacobs, also of The Bobbleheads)
on drums and other percussion.

Chillingsworth Surfingham

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