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Released July 2022
Format CD
Added on Sunday, 17 July 2022
Genre Surf Music
Price 12.00 $
Number of discs 1
Edition date July 2022
Country Dublin
Label Sharawaji Records
Catalog Number SRW210


SRW210 Magnatech - Impala '59 (Jacket CD)

Take one part Surf Raiders, one part Jon & the Nightriders, mix well and carefully stir some Evanstones and Man or Astroman? into the mix. Then gracefully lace everything with a good dose of early 60's European instrumental music and fold in Indo rock. Season with early 60's surf to taste, bake for 3 to 4 decades and the result is Impala '59, the new album by Magnatech!

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* Vinyl is planned so standby for the pre-order.

#magnatech #sharawajirecords #tradsurf #netherlands #ireland #surfguitar #surfmusic #fenderjaguar #indorock #eurosurf #surf #instro #reverb #twang

Impala '59

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