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Magnatech - The Munsteranian

Angry tune about a horse. From the forthcoming album "Europa" in 2024Written by Johannes Bernardus VerhoefPerformed, recorded, mixed and mastered by...

Magnatech - NSU One Thousand Prinz 4

Tune about Audi before it was Audi. NSU started in the early 50's and in 1957 came to market with the first NSU Prinz. After a few more...

Magnatech - Mariana Twist (proto-mastered)

Medium- to up tempo Euro twist for the upcoming Magnatech album of 2024, "Europa".©2024 written by Johannes Bernardus VerhoefPerformed by Magnatech...

Waikiki Makaki - Ghost Samurider

Halloween video from Ukrainian surf band Waikiki Makaki. Music, arrangement, guitar and bass playing, drums programming, mixing, mastering and video...

Waikiki Makaki - Lost Diver

Official video for Lost Diver tune by Ukrainian surf rock band Waikiki Makaki.Taken from new EP of the same title.Video footage by Vitaly Yakushin.

Magnatech - Do the Swine

Released on Bandcamp later on today 1 December 2023. This is the preview.It's Saturday nite at the pig sty! Who said that pigs couldn't rock?...

Patrick Kincaid Rockin' tune John- Fun concept with the pigs too! 6 months ago
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Magnatech - Hecate

First of two previews of the album "Herr Magnatech Bittet Zum Tanz" (Mister Magnatech Invites You To Dance), which will be released in October....

Magnatech - Tika Hates Tiki

Old clip I originally intended as a teaser for the EP "An evening with Magnatech", but decided to use "Christopher Lee" instead. Just posting this...

Magnatech - Christopher Lee (Official Video...

We get flooded by things concerning Vincent Price and if you're in the US, that may make sense. But in Europe it doesn't because we've got our own...

Mgnatech - Die Elefantin (ft. Some guy who owns...

In 2-3 months my next outing will be the 6-track EP/Mini Album "An Evening With Magnatech", followed in October/November by a full length album, my...

Magnatech - Valiant Rides Again!

My first tune of 2023.From the forthcoming LP "Herr Magnatech bittet zum Tanz"©2023 by Johannes Bernardus VerhoefPerformed, recorded and...

Magnatech - PzKpfw V ausf G

I wrote this tune in 1992 for my then-band. I wanted to introduce more instro into the set then just the one intro-instro, but by the time I...

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